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The EDGE Advisory Group's mission is to equip and build capacity through Talent Management-focused consulting services that provide relevant and timely resources for our clients. TEAG commitment to excellence supports a focused and intentional investment in the people and systems of these organizations to achieve results.  

Our assessment, leadership, organizational performance, training and development processes are used by the most successful organizations in the world and  have helped shape many dynamic leaders, managers and employees. TEAG has partnered with diverse organizations with very complex cultures, providing timely and supportive consultation in the areas of leader and leadership effectiveness, diversity-inclusion and engagement, people alignment, organizational change and strategic planning.       

We have worked with large and small organizations in both the public and private sectors, including city governments and military entities. We have partnered with leadership teams and boards of directors of all sizes to successfully work through powerful change management processes.  The EDGE Advisory Group has a full team of seasoned professionals who are committed to your strategic outcomes; we've had the privilege of working with many great organizations and look forward to working with yours.


Consulting Services

The EDGE Advisory Group provides a full range of Consulting services structured to respond to the specific needs, opportunities and sometimes challenges our clients are facing. We partner with your organization to fully maximize the people side of the business so you can achieve the breakthrough bottom-line results you desire.    

Our Offerings 

•Organizational Performance Enhancement

•Leadership and Leader Development

•Strategic Planning, Implementation and Management

•Lean Transformation and Change Management

•Training and Development for all Levels of the Organization

•Organizational Assessments and Gap Analysis


Training & Developement

TEAG facilitators encourage teams to find collective meaning, define or refine team vision and purpose, establish commitment to organizational goals and develop effective work processes. The outcomes are engaging, inspiring and results-driven. Every one of our customized programs creates engaged participants, builds performance, contributes to organizational success and achieves impact. 

TEAG Most Requested Offerings  

 Our offerings create a unique opportunity for you to strengthen your efforts around organizational culture, employee engagement and leadership impact.   Regardless of where you are in your journey these offering can take you to the next level:  

A Culture of Respect

 “Moving from Compliance to Culture”

 If you’ve determined that you would like your organization to be an asset this training is for you.  It is designed for companies that are ready to define or who have been proactive about designing their ideal culture for results.  You will create a blue print that will allow you to leverage diversity, improve employee engagement and unleash creativity.  Respect is the key ingredient to drive your equity, diversity and inclusion efforts.  This training will position you to become and employer of choice and use your organizational culture as your competitive advantage

Employee Engagement 

"From Survey to Strategy” 

The ability to attract, retain and develop a diverse population of people is critical to your success.  Employee Engagement leads to measurable business outcomes.  This training provides the core components of an effective engagement strategy guaranteed to move you from design, to implementation, sustainability and growth.

Leading the Way 

“Strategies for Building a High Performance Culture"

 When influencing culture and people, leaders operate in several different roles; personal leadership, organizational leadership, team leadership and performance management.  This training addresses each role and equips leadership to effectively lead their people and their culture.

Assessment Services :

Our process is very simple - we always start with gathering information to help TEAG understand exactly who you are as an organization;  We approach starts with understanding  what you want the assessment to do,  why it's important to the organization, and how it will impact the organization now and into the future. From there we move into the gap analysis and strategy to close the gaps.  This can be easily accomplished by providing you with the right assessment tool(s) to not only meet need but budget as well.    

​We are versatile and creative!  TEAG provides formal and/or informal assessment tools.  We also believe utilizing previously gathered information, surveys or assessments can be extremely valuable in helping create context for the direction the organization wants to go in.  We are unique in the sense we understand every organization is not at it's ideal and sometimes information is tribal or held at the individual level vs. the organizational level. We have tools to gather every type of valuable data that will support in creating alignment, developing an people plan and achieving outcomes.         

Assessment Offerings:

•Environmental Scan

•4-Quadrant Approach  

•Tribal Data Retrieval

•Catch Ball Process  

•Organizational Culture Inventory - OCI  

•Organizational Effectiveness Inventory -OEI

•Leadership Effectiveness Inventory - L/I 

•Manager Effectiveness Inventory - M/I