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The KC Chamber; Diversity and Inclusion Workshop Series: Building Capacity in the 21st Century---The Power of Respect.

February 25, 2020 - 11:30am - 1:00pm CST.  

Culture Matters:

The KC Chamber is proud to partner with The Edge Advisory Group to host this power packed session designed to help organizations leverage their current organizational culture to promote equity, diversity and Inclusion (EDI).  Join us as we share a blueprint to turn your work culture - a true asset to your organization - into bottom line business results.

This workshop will identify the primary components for building a diverse and inclusive organizational culture based on RESPECT - as well as ensuring your culture adds to your organization's competitive advantage.  Topics will include the business case for EDI, moving from compliance to culture, strategies vs. initiatives, and more!

The Edge Advisory Group Executive Session:  Employee Engagement - Moving from Survey to Strategy

Employee Engagement is a top talent issue facing organizations today.  The question is.....do you have a strategy that will drive business results through employee engagement?

This workshop is designed to help you move beyond your survey and implement a strategy to help you achieve the benefits of employee engagement:

  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Productivity
  • Retention and Recruitment
  • Innovation
  • Profitability

If you are interested in learning to leverage the drivers of employee engagement, this workshop is for you.  Implementing your strategies and building your scorecard to manage your efforts will help you take employee engagement to the next level!

Date:  March 26, 2020

Time:  11:15 am - 1pm 

Location:  Nick and Jakes "on Main" - 5031 Main Street, KC, MO  64112

Early Bird Registration:  tracye@theedgeadvisorygroup.com

Fee Waived for First 25 Registrants


*Registration Includes:  Lunch, materials and follow-up consultation